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Effortless time tracking

Tiktrac makes you feel at home when you sign in with a comprehensive dashboard view. Any tasks that you're working on can be edited in place using Ajax, so there's no time lost managing your time.

Assign costs to times, using a flexible system that even includes tax calculations.

Tiktrac's sheets are incredibly flexible: creating anything from traditional time sheets to expense reports without the headaches of a spreadsheet. You can even Import existing time sheets from your spreadsheets!

Unparalleled reporting

Improve customer service: Search tasks and generate reports to produce more accurate quotes or invoices.

Track staff: Easily see what people are working on, create reports to analyse their performance.

Track costs: Keep tabs on clients owing money, see which clients bring in the most money, create expense reports.

Export data as CSV, compatible with Excel or other popular spreadsheet programs. Or even export data with XML.

Create accounts for staff and clients

  • Invite staff, colleagues and clients to Tiktrac
  • Restrict access to certain sheets
  • Keep clients and customers up-to-date

Stay informed

  • Keep track of tasks, employees and colleagues using RSS
  • Access Tiktrac from anywhere using the mobile interface
  • Enter times and view sheets from your Mac's dashboard

No technical skills required

  • Tiktrac is a hosted web application
  • Staff are more likely to accurately report time when it's as easy as using Tiktrac
  • Tiktrac's appearance can be customised without knowledge of HTML/CSS

Mobile compatible

  • Log time from anywhere using your phone!
  • Tiktrac works with many mobile handsets
  • Add /mob to your account's URL to try it out
  • Also works with iPhone and games consoles (tested on Wii, PS3, PSP)


  • Time sheets look great printed from Tiktrac
  • Print out task details to take to clients when you're out of the office

Developers welcome

  • Developers can integrate Tiktrac with other apps using the API
  • Directly integrate your product or service with Tiktrac
  • Basic HTTP auth and XML over HTTP means the API is easy to integrate with anything